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Privacy Policy

This is the registry and data protection statement of Domus Biotechnologies Oy in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. Last modified on 2nd February 2022.

Register holder

Domus Biotechnologies Oy
Yliopistonkatu 2
20100 Turku

VAT number FI29173116

The justification for processing personal data is the consent by the website users. Personal data can be actively submitted by potential customers, or web service users can consent to the storage and processing of the passively submitted information.

We use the personal information that we process in order to create and maintain customer accounts, improve the efficiency of our internal processes and procedures and provide better customer service, develop web services, process and deliver orders, create analyses and statistics, comply with any legal obligations that apply to us and prevent misuse. We also use the information to display advertisements that we believe are relevant to our potential customers. This is achieved by using, and allowing third parties (e.g. Facebook, Google) to use, certain cookies and tracking technologies.  

Further information on advertisement settings and how to change them:

Information stored on the register

Information saved in the register is entered in by users when using the web service, or by customers opting in to the storage and use of personal data for marketing purposes.

Information provided by users include e.g. name, organization, telephone number, e-mail address, postal address, billing and payment information.

We also collect information generated from service use and data analysis (e.g. the network IP address, data on products ordered, website visits and browsing data, location and browser and equipment data).


We use cookies to enhance the web service and enable certain functionalities.

Cookies are also used to display targeted advertisements. Users can manage the cookie settings, and specify whether they wish to allow cookies to be used for marketing.

Transfer of data outside the European Economic Area or European Union

Information is not regularly transferred outside the EEA or the EU.  In certain cases where it is necessary (for example, payments and logistics, analytics or marketing proposals) data may be disclosed to third parties, and information can be stored outside the EEA or the EU.

Registry protection

The information collected is only accessible to the registrar’s employees or individuals working for the staff members of the organisation who require the information in their position.

The rights of the registered users

Every data subject has the right to know what information has been collected of them in the register and to request the correction of incorrect or outdated information. A written request of the information should be sent to Domus Biotechnologies.

Every data subject has the right to limit the use of handling personal information.

Every data subject has the right to request for the registrar to erase information relating to them in the register (the right to be forgotten).

Please note that the right to cancel the previously given permission for the collection and handling of data only apply to data Domus Biotechnologies is not obliged to keep for administrative, legal, or security purposes.