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Haloferax volcanii insertion mutant library

Transposons are powerful tools for the generation of insertion mutant libraries in various organisms, in which each gene is tagged by an insertion. Our Haloferax insertion library contains Haloferax volcanii H295 tagged with a TrpA-cat-Mu transposon in a random position and with a full-genome coverage (1). The transposon contains selectable marker genes TrpA for Hfx. volcanii and cat for E. coli.                            

Catalog Number Unit Size  
D030101 28 000 CFU Buy now

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  1. Kiljunen S, Pajunen MI, Dilks K, Storf S, Pohlschroder M, Savilahti H (2014) Generation of comprehensive transposon insertion mutant library for the model archaeon, Haloferax volcanii , and its use for gene discovery. BMC Biol 12:103

 For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.