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Insertion mutant libraries

Haloferax volcanii insertion mutant library


Our Haloferax volcanii insertion mutant library contains an exhaustive pool of mutants, in which each clone contains one genomic insertion of a transposon in a random position and with a full-genome coverage.


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Want to make your own insertion mutant library?

Transposons are powerful tools for the generation of insertion mutant libraries in various organisms, in which each gene is tagged by an insertion.

Below you can find recommended products for the generation of your own insertion mutant library

Organism Transposase Transposon Reference
Gram-negative bacteria v.3 MuA Transposase (in vivo Integrator) Cat-Mu Transposon (CamR) 1 
Gram-negative bacteria v.3 MuA Transposase (in vivo Integrator) Kan-Mu Transposon (KanR) 1 
Gram-positive bacteria v.3 MuA Transposase (in vivo Integrator) Em-Mu Transposon (EmR) 2


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